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We provide a full array of metal stripping, metal finishing and cleaning services to manufacturers throughout the Southeast.

Examples of services provided:
  • paint racks, hooks and booth component stripping
  • automotive components, castings reclamation, stripping and surface prep
  • powder coated parts and reclamation pre-assembly

1. Paint rack and paint fixture stripping process - This process involves cleaning tooling or metal components with an excessive paint buildup that in turn can cause inefficiencies with customers' painting systems. These components can be removed at their operational site and brought to our facilities for cleaning. The primary source for this stripping or cleaning process is a burn-off followed by secondary ash, pigment and oxidation removal.

2. Automotive salvage, re-manufacturing and surface prep- This process is oriented towards castings of various metals including proven processing for aluminum. These components are primarily associated with automotive manufacturing. This process consists of coating removal with surface preparation and refinishing, which in some re-manufacturing cases include measuring, tapped hole preservation, identification and cleaning unacceptable flaws.

3. Reclamation or coating removal
- This process salvages flawed metal components that are a part of a customer finished product. Typically, these parts will exhibit paint flaws or surface rust issues. Components will be scheduled through primary strip methods burn-off and finished to the degree that it can be re-coated without the presence of surface flaws.

Note: Many sources and combined techniques are utilized for primary and secondary stripping.

Methods for process include- burn-off, a multi-phase proven wash line, hand blasting, tumble blasting and automatic spinner hanger blasting.

Precision machinery is equipped with variable speed drives and different blasting medias in order to accommodate a high degree of finishing and stripping needs.


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